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This website is designed exclusively for First Student installation services of the Child Check-Mate and Theft-Mate safety and security devices.

Contract Manager's News Alerts

01/23/2009Child Check-Mate In the News - Full Video of New EP2V in action!Click here to view
01/16/2009!! Outside Sticker Application Suspension !! The Outside Child Check-Mate / Theft-Mate System Stickers (Octagon) Are Not To BE Affixed On The Outside Of Any Bus, Till Further Notice. Also, this Sticker suspension is referenced within the LATEST Installer Orientation (rev. 3.4), Installation Guidelines (rev. 3.0), on the On-line exam and any other appropriate areas.Click here to view
01/12/2009The application of the Outside Child-Check Mate / Theft-Mate (Octagon) stickers, to the outside of a school bus, is strictly prohibited in Ohio State. Reference of this notice is also within the Installer Orientation and FirstStudent CCM Exam.Click here to view
12/11/2008New Driver Operational Video for EP2 with VoiceClick here to view
11/14/2008New Model Bus Inspection Sheet is now availableClick here to view
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